Obtaining a UK Amateur Radio License – Racing down the M6 heading for the M0

7th June 2017 - Radio

There are two areas of electronics which really teach you what you need to know about pure analogue electronics. They are Audio and Radio Frequency design. To do both you need a good grounding in all the basics and a good feel for how they tie together. I’ve been an electronic design engineer for a long time but study never ends. There’s always more to learn. With that in mind I’m taking my UK amateur radio course as a reason to delve into more detail in both these areas.

You don’t need any background in electronics to do the courses. The foundation license is for complete beginners with no electronics or radio experience. The intermediate and full license introduce progressively more advanced technical concepts. Self study books are available and many radio clubs run courses.

This is a blog of the route I’ve taken from M6 foundation through intermediate 2*0 to the M0 full radio license.