Becoming the best you can be
Read, think about and apply this to your work and study. The Kung fu master is the top of their art form. To be a master takes huge dedication, many years [...]
Baby safetification
After safetyfying the house against a rampaging 10 month old I’m not sure it will ever be the same again. Here’s some risk areas which [...]
PCB fabricators
Here’s a quick list of PCB fabricators with my own notes against them OSH park – united states Good for small PCBs. Great online PCB [...]
Infra red remote controlled plane
Flying a remote controlled plane can be a lot of fun but it can seem like a complicated thing to design a complete control system yourself. A while ago I [...]
Soil moisture man
Soil moisture man was a simple attempt to indicate when household plants needed to be watered. The idea was to make it all analog rather than doing it the [...]
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