Monthly Archives: June 2017

BLE serial hub to WiFi and Blynk visualisation app
So that I can continuously post environmental data to the Blynk cloud service from my Bluetooth environmental monitor, I’ve implemented a simple [...]
Baby safetification
After safetyfying the house against a rampaging 10 month old I’m not sure it will ever be the same again. Here’s some risk areas which [...]
PCB fabricators
Here’s a quick list of PCB fabricators with my own notes against them OSH park – united states Good for small PCBs. Great online PCB [...]
Obtaining a UK Amateur Radio License – Racing down the M6 heading for the M0
There are two areas of electronics which really teach you what you need to know about pure analogue electronics. They are Audio and Radio Frequency design. [...]
Digital multimeter calibration for voltage, resistance and current
I got a little carried away with this one! I have an old multi-meter whose calibration was unknown. Surely an accurate voltage reference would help with [...]
Infra red remote controlled plane
Flying a remote controlled plane can be a lot of fun but it can seem like a complicated thing to design a complete control system yourself. A while ago I [...]
Indifference amplifier
Love transcends all. But love can be transformed into hate so easily if we allow ourselves to become indifferent to the problems hate causes.
LED lamp dimmer with a 555 timer and comparator
I wanted a simple bedside lamp with a continuously variable brightness. Something I could read from whilst also being able to dim the lamp in an analogue [...]