OU T202 analogue and digital electronics

26th September 2017 - Education

I was just reminiscing about old times and remembered the excellent Open University (T202) course i did in analogue and digital electronics. I studied it back in the 90s before doing a degree full time. It essentially covered a first year degree course in electronics plus a smidge of the second year. There was no specific maths course material involved. It’s pure electronics.

T202 is no longer running which is a shame. The OU seems to have abandoned electronics as a subject in itself and gone more for “Engineering” as a degree. But if your lucky you can pickup a single text book on amazon containing all the T202 course study material minus the assignment questions, software and project kit used.

The book is cunningly titled “Electronics” by the Open University team. There’s a first edition and a second edition. The second edition is a physically smaller book which focuses more on the first year of a degree course i.e. it chops bits out! The second edition also won’t break your foot if you drop it, unlike the first edition which is a bit of a monster. I suspect there’s a few versions on amazon some can be very cheap so have a good search around if you plan to buy a copy.

I like the course material and it’s flow but it’s not without its flaws. There are some abracadabra moments with the maths and I recall quite a lot of errata update sheets being sent with the original course books. I have no idea if the errata is incorporated in the books now available from amazon.